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IDEAL FOR: advisers accompanying their students for the workshop; advisers hoping to re-charge their skills or add new skills

While previous versions of our summer workshop have offered an advisers-only session, we are choosing this year to concentrate on even more options — for both students and advisers. Publications teachers and advisers can enroll in any one of the courses below. Advisers also have the flexibility to move between courses during the week to sample different topics and skills.


IDEAL FOR: beginning journalism students; first-year staffers; students excited about many different media

How can you learn everything in one five-day workshop? This course offers you the chance. You can learn reporting, photojournalism, infographics and — yes, even social media. This buffet of journalism skills will fill you up with skills that will make you a publications staff favorite: able to tackle any story with a variety of media.


IDEAL FOR: students who love writing breaking news, columns and feature stories; students who love editing and being edited

Sure, you have learned the basics of reporting. Now it’s time to dive deeper. Learn how to write a news story that goes beyond the inverted pyramid. Consider how your personal column can gather an audience of dedicated readers. Discover the power of narrative storytelling on feature story topics. This course will revolutionize what you know about the power of the written word.


IDEAL FOR: beginning students interested in photography; students previously on staff as a photographer

How do you get the attention of an audience that is bombarded with images? By capturing moments that matter. Learn how to be in the right place, at the best angle and with the perfect settings to make decisive storytelling moments. Your publication will never look the same once you return with the ability to make images like this.


IDEAL FOR: students stepping into leadership positions: editors-in-chief, managing editors, section editors

Leading a staff is a challenge: how do you convince 15, 30 or more students to work hard on project when a fellow student is in charge? This course will anticipate the most common pitfalls on publication staff and teach you how to tackle them. Being ready for those challenges often means having a strong staff manual. Creating or revising that manual will be a focus of this course as well.


IDEAL FOR: staffs interested in launching a website with School Newspapers Online; students or staffs interested in testing out SNO’s technology by building a test site

REQUIREMENTS: each student must bring either a personal laptop or one loaned from his or her high school for the entire five days

Your readers are online, and you know it. Make this the summer to meet them there with a website that draws them in and won’t let them go. Learn about the technology that School Newspapers Online uses make your first online story simple for you, yet inviting for readers. You will have the experts right in front of you to answer questions big and small.


IDEAL FOR: staffs ready to fine-tune their website’s workflow; students looking to ramp up their multimedia coverage; staffs looking to tinker with the appearance of their existing website

REQUIREMENTS: each student must bring either a personal laptop or one loaned from his or her high school for the entire five days

Wouldn’t it be great to have the School Newspapers Online experts in the room with you as you make revisions and plans for next year? This is you chance. Plus, you will learn how to plan and execute coverage that is viral in your community. This is a can’t-miss chance to take your SNO website to the next level.


IDEAL FOR: new designers looking for a strong start in yearbook design; experienced designers hoping to learn new skills; anyone hoping to discover the latest in yearbook trends

How do you design yearbook photos, words, captions, headlines and all the rest in a way that brings the content to life? Sure, we will teach you the mechanics of Adobe InDesign. But we will also reveal the latest in design: colors, typography and yearbook trends. This is your chance to transform next year’s book from “meh” to “magnificent.


IDEAL FOR: yearbook editors-in-chief gearing up for next year; section editors and managing editors who want to help create; advisers who want to help in the planning; Great for teams of three or more students from one school

The book is blank right now. Hundreds of pages to fill. It’s not time to panic. It’s time for a plan. These five days will help you select a yearbook theme or concept, mold it into a sturdy plan, create sample spreads and make the tough decisions. What fonts will you use? What color scheme? How will you organize the book? Summer is the time when marvelous yearbooks are made. Here is your chance.


IDEAL FOR: new designers looking for a strong start in newspaper or news magazine design; students who know design fundamentals but are looking for practice

What an exciting era of journalism this is for high school news publications. Gone are the days of the boring old newspaper without photos, graphics and color. Welcome to the era of artful news design where the words are bolstered by all kinds of visual content. The job of the designer has never been so excitingly complicated. Are you ready for the challenge of 21st century news publication design? This course will make sure you are.


IDEAL FOR: news publication editors-in-chief; other editors who will be part of the leadership team; advisers hoping to help in the publication’s new direction; Great for teams of three or more students from one school

There are so many ways to renovate your news publication, whether it be a news magazine, a tabloid or another format. You might be considering a new style of coverage. Perhaps a redesign? New ways to interact with your school’s news website? Or, perhaps a totally different format. Imagine what you can accomplish in five days of staff teamwork, with the guidance from an expert adviser and with the feedback of fellow students from other schools. Create your publication revolution here.


IDEAL FOR: beginning students in videography; students hoping to add videos to their school websites; students interested in learning new video skills

Whether online or on TV, today’s audience wants a video to help tell the story. This is your chance to learn the start-to-finish process of creating a video story. Discover how to plan your project, record high-quality audio and video, edit the story together and put it in front of your audience. This course is a great chance to learn something brand new or fine-tune your video talent.


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